Let the Food Art Challenge Begin!

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Inspired by Pab and motivated by pure food lust, I made 67 swans plus a couple of other desserts for brunch table at church yesterday. I've never heard so many ooh's and aah's in my life...they say I should do this for weddings. In my haste, I forgot to check how a swan neck should look and so I'm afraid my swan neck isn't as S-curved as it should be. These are filled with creme patisserie.

OK, people, get your creative juices flowing....

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Pab 2007 February 11

It's a bit quiet around here at the moment!

Here's my contribution to food art - 'Couronne à l'Ancienne'.[img]http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m126/Parnie57/DSCN2935.jpg[/img]

Tasted good as well.

Best wishes


Normbake 2007 February 11

Very good TP They certianly look yummy.
I'm still here lurking in the forum haven't baked much bread but made these Christmas mince pies before xmas I took them to NZ had a good time there love the new Zealand clover honey brought some back to aus and had it on fresh sd bread was really nice.


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TeckPoh 2007 February 14

Perfect slashing all around the couronne, Pete! How do you do it? I'm sure it's quite tricky given that slashing is done swiftly? I expect to slash one, I'd do mine on a turntable.

Normbake, it's teatime here...and I want one of those mincepies! Lovely.

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Pab 2007 February 15

Couronne slashing is easy - blade close to the edge and all around the circumference. It takes a few seconds.

At least there are not as many alternatives as with other shapes. Too often I stare at the loaf on the peel to decide where to slash - when, of course, it is too late and one should be moving fast.

I now have some cane bannetons and I think that they are very effective. I love the rings!

Best wishes


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TeckPoh 2007 June 6

LOL, Danubian, with that lovely blistering crust, I think the pix belongs to Bread Porn.

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Danubian 2007 June 7

LOL, Danubian, with that lovely blistering crust, I think the pix belongs to Bread Porn.

I thought I could squeeze it in here and call it "abstract food art".

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Pab 2007 January 16

TP, I've said it all along - you are a genius - utter magic. And nearly 70 of them...


PS I am proud to have inspired this thread!

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Bill44 2007 January 16

I must write out a thousand times:-
"When looking at one of TP's posts, I must not allow my jaw to drop."
I'm sick of destroying keyboards by drowning them in slobber and drool.

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carla 2007 January 16

Ahh TP - the swans look too nice to be eaten!

Did you do the wings separately or are they just the top half of the "bun"?

And don't forget to put these pics into this thread:




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TeckPoh 2007 January 16

Thanks, y'all! There ought to be an emoticon rolling on the floor.

But - this - is - not - going - to - be - a - ONE - person - show. Get cracking!

Carla, for the wings, I sliced the puff into 2, then sliced the top half into 2. After slicing, you see dough which is not quite baked, so pop those parts into the oven again...the wings will then be stiff enough to stand. Whoever created the 1st swan was a genius, to turn something so simple into something so exquisite. Next time, I'll fill the bottom with custard, then top with whipped cream....somehow white looks more swan-ny, eh? And, yes, a more pronounced neck.

Hi, croc.

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TeckPoh 2007 January 16

Did this sometime in December. It's a snow skin dessert ([i]ping pei[/i]...same as snow skin mooncake). I had something like it at a dim sum restaurant once and just had to try to make it myself; top half of the 'butterfly' is filled with lotus paste, bottom half black sesame paste. I think the one I ate a year ago had red bean and peanut filling. I think I should add some feelers next time. Any suggestion as to what I can use?


And, now I'm going to fold my arms and wait for the next poster.

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TeckPoh 2007 May 4

I've finally come out from my one-yr cake-decorating break...starting with this cake which was collected yesterday. 4" high Guinness Stout cake with a coconut custard and pistachio filling. Thick ganache all over with the flowers and piping made with white chocolate...a bit tricky to handle, hence the shaky lines.


I got to eat the parts which were sculptored off...to make a lopsided heart. Yum.

This thread needs to be revived.

black dog 2007 May 8

Jebus cripes TP! you made 70 of them! The patience required is almost as amazing as the swans themselves.

Love the couronne pab, how did you shape it? A ball with a hole poked through?

will try and get some pics posted myself, but its a bit embarassing against tp and pabs efforts.


ps: jeremy, swan licking is illegal in the UK, they are (officially) the queens property, dont know why she needs so many though!

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Pab 2007 May 9

Alex, I've got a couronne basket (from brotformen.de) - well, a man has to live a little. Only problem is that the central post needs to be covered with linen (when I get round to it) - if you look closely the hole is a bit torn as it stuck a bit to the wooden central post as is.

As for swans, I have a friend who was given legal swan meat (ie thanks to good queen Bess) at some city dinner - says he would have got more pleasure from eating shoe leather.

Swans really are the most wonderful and beautiful birds - if you ever get a chance go to the Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset, UK, I loved it so much that I have now visited three times- this is the best link I could find: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dorset/content/art ... ture.shtml

My artistic skills vis à vis food are very limited, TeckPoh's unlimited.


black dog 2007 May 9

Here is my 'attempt':



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Jeremy 2007 May 9

That is like Mick's rock formation or celtic ruin he found in Bethesda way back!
Kidding aside it's more like a dream catcher the indians of north america used to make!

Beautiful fougasse!


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TeckPoh 2008 October 16
When I saw this, I knew I had to make it for my girls. While waiting for my kamut bread to cool for slicing, here's my chubby friends....bad pic...should have used a tripod. Today, I also made 2 panda loaves...not the size (4 x recipe). The panda in my 1st loaf had horns instead of ears. This one ain't perfect either. I think it's easier to form with biscuits...adding to the To Do List.  

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celia 2008 October 16

Hey, they are CUTE!!  I hadn't seen this thread before, some gorgeous stuff here...

Nice job, TP (as always :)).

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TeckPoh 2008 October 17
Boris, you spring out unexpectedly with such marvellous bread/pastry!!

If you're the guru, we want a tutorial.

TP, with an eager look.
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Danubian 2008 October 18
TP, this requires still pictures and video to really get the gist to making these crescents. I'll see what I can do over the next few weeks.

BTW these are bread and bread rolls. A standard sourdough makes a fine crescent with a unique flavour and mouth feel. The shaping makes a real difference.
Be 2009 January 13

This is our Christmas Tree from work.  I always have some form of bread artwork in the special lighted display case which is part of the front counter. Everything needs to be fairly low profile because this space is behind a sheet of curved glass which at it's deepest is about 20cm.  Although I do have 1m of height and 2m of width to work with.  After these photos were taken I made presents to go under the tree because of customer comments and then it was deemed the wall space behind the tree was blank so I did picture frames and a cuckoo clock complete with working clockface!!  But then in the Christmas rush I forgot about taking pictures.... :(

Okay perhaps I won't post the picture... Can someone with a higher level of computer literacy tell me how I should do this?

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Millciti 2009 January 14

Hey Be,

This is the tutorial...



I think TP put the tutorial up after I had already learned a sort of backwards way ... As for me I just put them in my gallery and then copy the url from the gallery photo and paste it into the forum comment using the add pictures tool.   Slowly pass your mouse over the tool bar in the posting area and you can see the one for adding the images.  Make sure your picture is not too large to post, use your photo editor to reduce your pictures before you upload them. 

Can't wait to see the pictures!  If all else fails put it in your gallery and ask TP to help you put it in your post!




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TeckPoh 2009 January 14
Would have LOVED to see it together with the other props. Thanks for sharing. Do you make decorative breads during other times of the year? Hint hint.

Terri, tks for your help.

Be 2009 January 14
This is Brewbarker (note spelling).  Our shop is called Brewbakers.  I made him to complement the range of hand made natural dog biscuits we produce in addition to our normal products.  Why should humans be the only ones to get quality organic foods made with care?  He is made with a full 25kg bag of flour.  My art doughs are always 100% bakers flour, 5% salt and between 50-65% water.  Although be aware the more water the more potential for warping and shrinkage!  I usually use as little water as possible and mix it for a long time.  The most important thing is a slow bake to dry thoroughly and prevent burning.  This doggie spent 2 full days in the oven at 110 degrees!!  The tree was just made with food colouring in the dough.  I will take more pics soon of Brewbarker as he has now been highlighted with some instant coffee dissolved in water.  It takes 2 of us to move him as he weighs nearly 40kg!!!
Be 2009 January 14
Yes all the time. I'm currently working on my display for Australia Day.  Then it's Valentines Day then Easter and so on and so forth.... I'll keep the pictures coming.  I've even one prizes at the Royal Show here for my dough creations.
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TeckPoh 2009 January 14
That doggie is precious!!!! LOL, your response is so fast...it's like someone waved a wand granting me my wish to see more dough art. Thank you!!
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Millciti 2009 January 14
Definitly worth the wait... I completely understood your frustration!!!   Keep up the good work!

I should have taken a picture of that pizza art we had tonight... oops, too late now!

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celia 2009 January 16

Oh, Brewbarker is a work of art! :)  25kg of flour, though!!  No wonder he took two days in the oven!
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TeckPoh 2009 April 9

Hi hi! Have been terribly busy (and tired) this year, but, I constantly pined for a good sourdough loaf and my sourdough friends. I know I'm rusty when I forget to do things...like checking if the bread is 'due' to bake...and, so, I didn't get as much spring as I would have loved. Thanks so much, Terri, for pointing me to a site for inspiration.

Basic sourdough with a hint of rye...cooling.



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