How to upload photos

UPDATE: This tutorial is no longer required reading, as it's now very easy to upload photos. Simply use the 'Photo box' when creating a post.



This tutorial guides you through the steps of uploading your photos to Sourdough Companion.

There are 3 steps:
  1. Upload your photo to the Gallery
  2. Find the photos URL - The address to your image on the internet
  3. Post - When posting, click the Add Image button and paste in the photos URL

1. Upload your photo

Photos on your computer need to be uploaded to world wide web if you want other people to be able to see them. There are a few websites that help put your photos online; Flickr, Photobucket or my personal favourite the Sourdough Companion Gallery. I will be using the Gallery in this tutorial but the process is very similar for other sites. Visit the Gallery and click the 'Your Album' link located in the top right of the page (you must have an account with us and be logged in to see this link). After clicking this link, you will then be brought to your photo album which contains all the photos you have uploaded to the website (in the picture below mine is currently empty). Now click the 'Add a photo!' link to upload a photo from your computer. 

Once your photo is uploaded, this empty screen will be replaced by the photo you just uploaded. Your photo is now on the internet, and we're ready to begin the next stage. 

2. Find the Photos URL

Your photo is on the internet, but where exactly? The Photos URL is simply the exact address to your image on the internet. On Sourdough Companion, the photos URL is shown right above an image as the 'Image URL': You may also Right-click on an image to find the URL. In Firefox: Right-click -> View image, and the URL will be shown in the address bar.

3. Post

We're almost there. Now when you submit a forum topic for example (must be logged in) look for the Add Image button.  Enter the Photos URL that we found earlier in the field that pops up. Your image will suddenly appear inside your post.
  Done! Please let me know if you got stuck anywhere in this tutorial.Maedi