Let the Food Art Challenge Begin!

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Inspired by Pab and motivated by pure food lust, I made 67 swans plus a couple of other desserts for brunch table at church yesterday. I've never heard so many ooh's and aah's in my life...they say I should do this for weddings. In my haste, I forgot to check how a swan neck should look and so I'm afraid my swan neck isn't as S-curved as it should be. These are filled with creme patisserie.

OK, people, get your creative juices flowing....

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TeckPoh 2009 April 9


But, I've seen things [i]some people[/i] here have been making and posting on their personal websites and, wow!!

Let's show it off here....


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TeckPoh 2009 April 10

Go for it, the only limit is your imagination! I want to try using natural dyes next. [insert wink]


hakeber 2009 August 5
Wow! What i've discovered on this forum is that even"boring old bread" can be beautiful, and now i'm interested in trying out some artisan bread shapes.

I love beautiful food and here's some of my work. not trying to show off though...  i'm messy with details and a bit clumsy but I just looove making food pretty. WOw.... still amazed with the cute breads on the forum. I'm still learning a lot and practicing a lot and I have a looooong way to go to improve, but me is  happy being the 15 yr old amateur baker me is.

Roses on pie dough

Buttercream cupcake swirls


Couldn't resist this, 3 inches in diameter, this cake is sooooo tiny. The icing was horrible... I was soooo discouraged until I cut it open and was ridiculously happily surprised

A minicake I send in for a competition. Came is near last. But, I'm happy with what I did...

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Annie-Bali 2009 August 9
TP, you are an AMASING WOMAN +++
Can you teach me ???
Feel like a complete 'dill' when i am so inspired by these :)
WishTrish 2009 September 1
I was just thinking this morning of how I would like to make some confection that was swan shaped.  I google image searched and found yours!  LOVE this idea!  Care to share your recipe/instructions?  :)
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TeckPoh 2009 September 2

Use your favourite choux pastry batter, pipe out small balls. For the neck and head, using nozzle #2 or 3 or even bigger (depending on the size of your swan), pipe 'S' putting a bit more pressure at the end before you lift up. Oh...separate trays, please, as the necks just take a couple of minutes to bake.

When the balls are turning a bit golden, take it out, and, jab 1 cm holes at the sides of the puff....the balls will be cut horizontally in half, so, slit where you think you're going to cut in half later. This is to let steam out so that you get a stiffer body. Then, put into a low temp oven for 15 mins or so, to dry up the innards. Take out and cool on wire racks. Carefully cut the puffs horizontally into 2. And cut the top half again into 2 for the wings. Fill your puffs with creme patisserie or custard or just whipped cream. Place wings on top and stick the neck at one end. Sift icing sugar over when ready to serve. Pretty, aren't they?




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