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General Baking

<p>Bread and baking: From yeast breads to techniques</p>

Money and its induced value

G'day, Since this is an open section of this forum I'm posting an article which I find interesting and I believe may be in the...

Problematic challah

Hi A couple of days ago, I set out to make a [url=]chocolate challah[/url]. When it...

Overseas Sourdough Tour

I have always had a passion for producing sourdough but like a lot of skills in the Baking Industry in Australia it is fading...


100yo+ polish country bread recipes anyone?

hi everyone i run in to some seriously old polish recipes, if anyone is interested let me know and i will translate them, few of...


Michael London

Interesting baker interview on the site, listen up kids! Jeremy

stirthepots bread interviews

Hey go and check out the latest interviews of Steve Sullivan and Craig Ponsford on my site! Especially you Graham, I mentioned...


Something's fishy about $US1000 New York pizza

Today in the [url=][b]NZ Herald[/b][/url]: A New York...

I need a pep talk

Some of you may know that I've harboured intentions for [url=]a mini bakery[/url...


The Old Foodie

I have been lurking on this website for some time ... and find it to be wonderful! [url][/url] I...

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Fillings for sourdough bread

Today I had cream cheese and tomato on some sd bread that I had made it was very nice. Any other ideas for some nice fillings for...