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I'm interested in bread baking

-  at a low temperature.-  on the entire area of ​​the furnace (one big loaf) .  I would be grateful for any information (links, names of breads, recipes...). 


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isand66 2013 December 23

I'm sorry but your question is a bit confusing.  What do you mean by "Low Temperature"?  How low and why do you want to bake at low temperatures?  Before anyone can answer your question we need more specifics of what you are trying to figure out.

Also, by furnace do you mean oven or wood burning oven?

Vlad 2013 December 24

At what temperature is usually bake? More than 200C. I think any temperature below 200 is considered to be low. The lower the temperature - the lower the energy costs. Why high temperature? To create a crust? I would have preferred bake at 130-170c and do without the crust.


Standard electric oven.


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farinam 2013 December 24

Hi Vlad,

There is also a requirement to get the temperature of the whole of the dough mass above a certain level to ensure that the flour has been properly cooked.  I can't recall off the top of my head what that temperature is.

So, if you go too low, the flour would remain raw and would be indigestable.  At intermediate temperatures, the baking time would need to be increased to allow the centre of the loaf to reach the required temperature and so the energy saving might not be as great as you imagine in the long run.


There is some stuff here on an experiment to use a solar oven for bread baking that you might find interesting.

Good luck with your projects.



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