John Downes & Daniel Chirico


rossnroller 2009 November 11

Terrific 3 minutes.

I've thought quietly for a long while now that good bread has an almost mystical element to it, but have dared to express ideas like these only to my closest friends. It's great to encounter people like John Downes and Daniel Chirico...and to sense the camaraderie of others, like the contributors to this site and associated forums, who "understand."

I forget where, but recently I read that in some cultures once you have broken bread with another, you cannot kill him/her. The symbolic power of bread can be truly wondrous - and going by some of the quotes around, is cross-cultural.

I am so grateful that sourdough and I have met up at last. It was always going to happen...but now is not the place for that story. I know that people here will not be bemused at that comment, that many of you will have had similar thoughts.

Anyway...would love to try that bread John Downes is sampling in the video!


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