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first sourdough starter

When do I use my starter?

Hi, I'm a complete newbie and managed to cheat a little and get some starter from a wonderful lady in melbourne, she's been using...


Why are we removing "most of" the starter?

Total newbie, both to the site, and to sourdough in general. Started last thursday and my starters are looking go-o-od! (as far...


First starter: Thick hard crust on top

Hi all, This is my first time making sourdough starter. Everything seems to be going alright, the starter is bubbling and rising...


Starter split?

Hi experts, looking for advice on day 2-3 of my sourdough starter. It is growing nicely, has bubbled and smells pretty fruity/...

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How to make the right amount of starter?

Hi all. I'm making my first sourdough starter based on these instructions and it seems to be growing well after a couple of days...

Day 7

Very First Sourdough Starter

Just wanted to post some pics of my first sourdough starter. "Betsy" is currently on day 9 from creation following the Beginner's...

Day 2

Spelt starter..... no idea what I am doing..... please help

Hi, I am new to baking sourdough, but have been baking bread for the past year or so. My husband seems to have developed a wheat...


Introducing myself and presenting a safe way to make a sourdough starter – guaranteed no D.O.!

Hi, I'm much impressed with the seriousness of this forum, and the keen interest in coming to grips with this elusive phenomenon...

Picture of the starter in question!

Am I Doing It Right?

So I've had my starter for about 4 weeks and refresh it every 3 days, I unfortunatly have not had the time to make any loafs (I...

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Attempting Chocolate I mad !!!

Well, reading Shiao-Ping's recipe and excellent wee blog on chocolate sourdough had me drooling like my grandma eating an ice scream...Read more