First starter: Thick hard crust on top


Hi all,

This is my first time making sourdough starter. Everything seems to be going alright, the starter is bubbling and rising. I started it three days ago, equal parts water and fresh ground farro wheat flour. My concern is that when I check it after 12 hours or more, there seems to be a thick, hard crust on the surface. Doesn't look or smell like mold. The best I can describe it is that it looks like bread crust after baking. 

I have been scooping this part off and continuing to feed the starter (equal parts water and flour). Smells a little fruity/sour (I think how it's supposed to), but other than that it seems ok. What am I doing wrong, and is the starter still ok to use?

I live in a dry, high altitude climate, so I'm wondering if the surface exposed to air is just drying out? Help!!


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farinam 2015 March 12

Hello SteffiJ,

You don't mention how you are covering your starter container but you should have something to limit evaporation from it.  This should be a good cover but not completely sealed.  GladWrap is one option if the container doesn't have any sort of a lid.  If it does have a lid then closed but not tightly sealed is the way to go.

Good luck with your projects.


SteffiJ18 2015 March 15

Thanks, Farinam.

That seemed to do the trick. I was covering the starter, but very loosely. Started using Glad Wrap and everything is great now! 

Thanks so much!!

lillie heredia 2022 April 26

I covered my starter with a lid but not sealed and on very low warming pad.

Now my starter doesn't look bubbly and is crusty.  I guess I should have sealed my lid?


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