Crumb Help!

Hi everyone! I've finally fixed the gummy dough issue-- the crust was hardening too fast in the oven, which was preventing the...

The aim - a 'levain' from Swedish baker 'Fabrique'

Maximum bubbles? Stockholm-style

How do I get a really airy loaf like this one? I fell in love with these levain breads I bought in Stockholm this summer and have...

pyrex full of starter

starter virgin on day 5

Hi there, I have a question regarding my starter, day 1-3 I have good risr followed by a period of inactivity after feeding,...

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Where have my bubbles gone?

Hello I'm new to sourdough baking, having now made four loaves (I've been baking yeast bread for three years). My first loaf was...


How to get larger air pockets?

I'm a beginner having made just 3 sourdough loaves thus far. I've been following the excellent guide here: sourdough.com/blog/...


Is it an active starter?

Well, hello all! This is my first post here! I've been searching on this forum for some clues to see if my starter is active...