Maximum bubbles? Stockholm-style


How do I get a really airy loaf like this one?

I fell in love with these levain breads I bought in Stockholm this summer and have been trying to recreate them at home, and could do with some tips to get the crumb really bubbly and chewy.

My latest effort (see second pic) is pretty airy, but not enough! It is based on a ciabatta recipe, is 80% hydration, includes some baker's yeast, lots of shape&folds and I baked it at full whack - 250 degC for 10 minutes, followed by 200 degC for 15 minutes. My full recipe is copied below.

Any ideas how I can improve it?


Makes 2 loaves, each 1kg.

Starter 45g (white, 100% hydration)
Water 200g
Strong white flour 200g

Mix & leave out for a few hours or in fridge overnight.

Leaven 365g (the left over is for tomorrow's baking)
Water (warm) 700g
Fast action yeast 6g
Strong white flour 925g
Salt 13g

Mix without salt, leave 20 minutes.
Add salt, mix, leave 30 minutes.
Drizzle olive oil around bowl and use scraper to release the dough.
Stretch & fold, leave 30 minutes.
Stretch & fold, leave 30 minutes.
Stretch & fold, leave 30 minutes.
Final fold, leave 45 minutes.
Flour work surface, cut into 2, shape, and into bannetons.
Leave 60 minutes.
Bake 10 minutes 250 degress with steam. Then 15 minutes 180 degrees.

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