Suggestion Box idea, would it work ?

1. As a total novice in baking sourdough bread, I am assuming that if you know the science of bread baking, ideally the bread...

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My last sd wheat loaf

After 2 years, finally ready to share!

Hello all, After lurking here for ages and learning soooo much, I have finally posted about my sourdough adventures on my blog...

Stockholm Sourdough 2.0

As those who have been reading my blog here with any sort of regularity will know, I've been happily cultivating a sourdough starter and...Read more

In Search of the Perfect Loaf

Documentary which follows award-winning artisan baker Tom Herbert in his search to bake a loaf that will win him first prize at...

Home Bakers

Long time no post! Just wanted to say hi and let you know how things have been going here in Kingston, On. Canada. We had a very successful...Read more

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Sourdough & Pane Di Casa Hands-on Workshop in Brisbane this Thursday!

Join Chris Hurford from the National Baking Industry Association to learn how to make Sour Dough & Pane Di Casa in this hands...

Milawa Factory Scaling Balling / Rounding Dough

<p><span>Jay and Rob scale and round a beautifully structured dough. The<br /> fantastic texture is largely...

Rob Booth makes Fougasse

Method of making Fougasse bread. Filmed at the Ekka Royal Show (Australia) in August 2008, from a demonstration by Jesse Downes...