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1.    As a total novice in baking sourdough bread, I am assuming that if you know the science of bread baking, ideally the bread would then turn out "perfect".  The thing is, apart from trained artisan bakers or really clever academics who really gets the science bit.  

So how about  when posting a recipe we mention which country we are baking in  and if its summer or winter. Better still if you know the temperature of your room mention that. 

 This might give a better idea of how the ferment and proving  times in the recipe might need to be changed depending on another climate.

2. Could someone do a glossary (idioticon )  of all the Artisan Bread Buzz words.

3.  TIPS and IDEAS on anything to do with making Sourdough Bread.


OK here are a few suggestions from me. Hopefully i wont get dismissed as being too much of a novice.

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chazzone 2012 February 12

 Not an artisan baker, scientist, or academician, but I do "get" the science part.  But then, I tend to do some reading on the side.  That's what this site is about, for me.  It's about reading what others have to share in their work.

I'm in the US, and in my 40+ years of making sourdough, I didn't really come across all these fancy new words and techniques until I found this site.   But, I started in the beginners section, and read what these folks are doing.  I've also read a few books along the way, so maybe I don't get too hung up on specifics. 

This should be an answer to your #1.  Proofing times vary based on a whole range of issues, and the only way that you'll know how your starter will react, and the proofing time that you need, is by making bread.

2. I think that every word that I wasn't familiar with has been answered numerous times in the posts.  If you find a word you aren't familiar with, you could either do a search, or ask the OP.

3.Seems to be what this forum is about.

I'd also like to add that I don't know anyone who makes "perfect" anything, any time.  In fact, most of my time is spent trying new things and working on recipes.  I don't expect my stuff to be perfect every time.  What would be the fun in that?
But, after a while, you should have a few things that you know will come out just fine every time.  Again, it's all about baking bread.

So, keep reading, and more importantly, keep baking.


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