Yeast and gluten free sourdough starter


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How do I find a sourdough starter that is yeast & gluten free?

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farinam 2016 July 26

Hello Claas,

There should be no problem getting a gluten free starter either from scratch or by converting a wheat/rye one by just feeding through a number of feed/discard cycles with a gluten free flour.  As for getting a yeast free one, that might be a bit more difficult as the yeasts are the major source of the gas that is the leavening agent for the bread and the yeast byproducts feed the bacteria that give the sour taste.

The other alternative, if you want to be absolutely yeast free would be to use bicarb soda/tartaric acid or commercial baking powder.  If you wanted something of a sour taste you could try adding a splash of vinegar which would also contribute to the acid for reacting with the bicarb.

This page is headed 'yeast free' but she does admit in the notes that there are 'wild yeasts' present but then again that is what sourdough is all about - wild yeasts.

Good luck with your projects.


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