Tartine For Dummies: Gluten Gone Wild


Hello Sourdough! 

I made a video to share some tips on the Tartine basic country loaf I've stumbled upon in my last year of making it. It's aimed at people trying to make their first successful Tartine-style loaf of bread. I hope it's useful!

I made this mostly because I love bread, but also to practice my video production skills. Constructive feedback on either would be most welcome!

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farinam 2016 January 25

Hello panifex_velox,

Unfortunately your link does not seem to be a link.  The http:\\ is followed by the text of your post so perhaps you should go back and try to edit the link so that the proper URL is entered in the appropriate place on the 'link' dialog box.

Look forward to being able to see your efforts and good luck with your projects.


panifex_velox 2016 January 25

Oh no! How embarrassing. Serves me right for not double-checking. Thanks for the heads up! Should be fixed now. Should I re-post this?

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farinam 2016 January 25

Hello fast_baker,

No, I think it should now be fine with the link in place.  I'll have a look shortly, a bit busy at the moment.


Anonymous 2016 February 9


I loved the video - sad to see you only had the one up there. I will give your technique a try next time!

vet_ca 2016 February 12

Very nice video panifex_velox.  Thank you very much.  I notice all your proves are either at room temp (68-72F I guess) or in the refrigerator.  In school I learned that yeast tend to proliferate best at room temperature but that the lactobacillus will need to grow at 80-90F.  However, you don't want the lactobacillus to overgrow and overly acidify the levain or the dough because it will kill the yeast so lovingly cultivated.

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