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i am an amateur soughdough baker. I had a starter that I made my own. I cooked a lot of loaves with it and was successful. Since then I have neglected it in my fridge. It has been in a glass jar in my fridge for about a year. I’m guessing it is gone. But I was wondering....

1.  Is it possible to still save it?

2.  Is it safe?

3  is it better to just start over?

it has dark liquid on it.  


Thank you for the help!  I’m getting in the mood to try baking again this winter.







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oldman 2018 November 8

If it's got characteristics you want to maintain you can pour off any liquid and throw out anything remaining that looks dry or discolored.  If the rest looks good, then throw out everything except a piece from the size of a large grape up to golf ball sized.  Mix flour and water as you would for a new starter but stir  in the lump you salvaged.  Wait a few days and see how it goes.  If you want a starter but not necessarily that starter it's easiest to grow a new one or start with dried starter acquired commercially or from another baker.

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