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I was buying this excellent bread at The Scented Garden in Mc Adam Square, Croydon, but they no longer stock it.

It was the best sourdough I have ever had and wonder where else I can buy it in or near Croydon. 

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farinam 2016 October 28

Hi Kay,

You could always contact them direct and ask the question

Fruition Bakery Contacts:

Lyndall Frances
531 Healesville KooWeeRup Road Healesville 3777
Phone:  (03) 5962 3175
Fax: (03) 5962 3175 (P/F)
Email:  [email protected]

Good luck with your projects.


Kay scott 2016 October 28

Thanks Farinam    I did just that and they have posted my query on this website ....cross fingers Someone can help as I am addicted !xKAY

Skullcandy 2016 October 28

Can't wait to check out the forumn. I haven't baked much aside from making some candy. I've never made bread before.

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