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Hi. I recently attended a wonderful weekend bread baking course by an amazing Spanish Master baker- Josep Pascual. He specialises in beautiful bread and gone are the days of my plain old sourdough loaves (well not really but I'm really enjoying jazzing things up now). It's as tasty as it's pretty!

The bread in the picture is a wholemeal seed bread-:

100g white bread flour, 300g wholemeal bread flour, 100g rye flour

200g sourdough starter

300g water

5g salt

100g mixed seeds soaked in 100g of cool water

10g powdered millk

20g honey



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farinam 2016 June 15

Hello breadlover 123,

Just have to love your bread.  Looks far too pretty to eat.

Tell me, do you cut the templates yourself or are they sourced commercially?

Good luck with your projects.


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