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Well I'm back online. Been away for a couple of months and moved from WA to Tas. Now I can start looking at building an earth / brick woodfired oven. Oh and the important bit of making or aquiring some starter. Are there any other members of this group in Tassie?.


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carla 2006 December 2

Are there any other members of this group in Tassie?

Hi Tony.
There are several members registered as being in Tassie, the only one posting every so often is [url=http://www.sourdough.com.au/forum//profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=163][b]ChuckB[/b][/url]

All his posts were in August 2006 and then he vanished. maybe PM him?

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TJ 2006 December 4


No comparisson. Only been here a month and it feels like home.

Our dam has a platipus in it and echidna's wander around durring the day... Love it.

Just recieved our seeds and ready to start on a garden. That will give me the chance to check out the soil for an earth oven.


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