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Adam T
Hello everyone. I was doing some random bread related searching on the net, and came across your website. So far so good!

I am an artisan baker from Ontario Canada. I work as head baker in a bakery called 'Pan Chancho Bakery'

In the beginning it used to be just a job that I kinda fell into. Right out of high school, I started working in a bread factory (Weston's Bakery). Then moved to a Bagel Shop called 'The Great Canadian Bagel' and then a couple other local bakeries from there. All never lasting for more than a year. Until finally, I came to where I am now, and have been for the last 6 years. I started off as just an employee until about a year ago when I was given the opportunity to be in charge of the department.

We make a variety of breads containing Organic Hard white flour, regular hard white flour, all purpose white, organic rye, organic whole wheat, organic spelt.;
Here are some of the breads we make on a daily basis. We make a lot more, but they are seasonal specials
Honey whole wheat / multigrain
*Jewish rye
*French Style Baguettes / Batard / ficelle
*Pumpkin seed
*Apple cider
*Fig and anise
*Pain de Campagne
Organic Sour dough
Organic Olive and rosemary sour dough
Organic Olive baguette sour dough

* = (sponge) or starter based recipe that rests overnight before incorporated into the final product

All of our breads (minus 1 or 2) incorporate a sour starter that has been carried forward longer than I have been at the bakery! We do not use preservatives. All our breads are based on water, flour, sea salt, yeast

I look forward to reading some more, and getting some great ideas from you all.

Thanks, Adam
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TeckPoh 2008 March 5

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! You can see we're quite a cosmopolitan bunch here.

The breads sound so good! I can hear how proud you are of them. Any webpage? Or time to do one....
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Adam T 2008 March 5
Here is our pumpernickel "blocks"

Large and small Pain de Campagne

Me on a hot summer night with the pumpernickel boules

Our ovens

Antonia Chan 2020 July 20

Hi Adam!


my name is Antonia, I used to work part time at Pan Chancho at the original location before the move, more than 20 years ago!  I am wondering if you would kindly share the recipe for the apple cider bread?  It's still something I dreamed about, with those chunks of apples in the bread... definitely one of my favorite!!

i currently live in U.S, I have been searching online for the recipe but no luck.  I would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't mind sharing the recipe!  I bought the cookbook years ago, but have misplaced it over the years.


thanks in advanced!!!


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TeckPoh 2008 March 5

What a lotta eye candies! You know I really appreciate industry pix, having never stepped into one. My dream is to own one (only one...I'm easy to please) of those ovens or a brick oven.

Question. Why are the pumpernickel blocks separated? Is there a point where the paper is pulled off?

By the way, there is a home where you can park your ewww picture. Clicky.

Thank you.
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Adam T 2008 March 5
yes, the blocks are removed from the pans, paper removed, then placed back in the oven to toast the ends.
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TeckPoh 2008 March 5

thanks also for putting a face to Adam T. Nice to 'see' ya. *waving hand*

Hmm....amongst the regulars, I guess I haven't really seen Bill and Danubian, only parts of their body and hands with their breads.
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Jeremy 2008 March 6
I see your face hasn't changed a bit! Teee heee!
Welcome Adam, I am Jeremy from NYC, Chef and avid bread baker of the sourdough kind!

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Adam T 2008 March 6
I look forward to learning some more about sour doughs and starters.
At my bakery, we make around 32 Kg of sour starter every night.

Here is our method for creating a "new" sour starter (with use of a hobart)
Day 1
Take 4 Kg of old starter, add 2 Kg filtered water, 2 Kg organic hard flour
Mix by hand (big paddle)
let rest for 4-6 hours

After rest at room temp
add 4 Kg water, 4 Kg organic hard flour
Mix by hand (big paddle)
rest for 4-6 hours

After final rest
Put into hobart mixer
add 8 Kg water, 8 Kg organic hard flour
Mix on speed 1 for 2 minutes
change to speed 2 and mix for another 2 minutes
change to speed 3 and mix for 1 minute

Allow to rest "overnight" refrigerated
Day 2
Enjoy in your favorite sour dough!

We have used this starter for years. I would say it is a very resilient starter. I always love the smell of it, after a new batch has rested for 4 hours\
Here is a pic of one of the bakers making the starter

doughman 2008 March 6
Hi Adam,

What kind of deck oven do you have there?  I've heard those hot summer nights or days can be rather humid there.
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Adam T 2008 March 6
it was a direct link that needed to be copy/pasted, but now it is a clicky
I'll try to find it again.

oh well, you get the idea from the picture. That is the website, and it can be found by clicking on the oven link on the website
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TeckPoh 2008 March 6
I've tried several ways to get to the website but nothing works. Duh. Anyone else has this problem? Anyway, I've done some googling and read a couple of articles on it. Sounds like a great bakery and cafe. If I were living nearer, might apply for HXB help position....*wink*
Croc 2008 March 6

Hi Adam :)

to make mix even more twisted i'm polish aussie living in Melbourne, been baking at home for many years now, started my baking advetures because i didn't like bread quality from australian bakeries after moving downunder, right now i'm doing certificate I and III in baking with plans to run small bakery one day :)





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Adam T 2008 March 6
it snowed last night/ early morning. It felt like I was walking on sand! Hard to keep balanced and it was thick. Very gritty feel to it.
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Jeremy 2008 March 6
We have this weird spring like weather here, not normal at all! Global warming for sure?

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TeckPoh 2008 March 6
[quote=Croc]btw. website link works from my end TP

Maedi or any computergeeks (BTW, croc, you are one too, I thought), any suggestions to fix this hiccup of mine? I haven't encountered such a block forever. My 'puter shouldn't be blocking bread porn.

Croc 2008 March 6

well should really work

might be your provider blocking something

btw don't you have goverment filters in place? maybe they block it by error.

can't wait for goverment to start filtering things in australia, got to love our freedom......

makes me laugh when i think what was said in past about comunist goverments and how they take away people freedom, once you open your eyes you see that grass on other side is no different and most the time a lot worst.



cavers 2008 March 7
Pan Chancho! I lived in Kingston last year and enjoyed your bakery very much. I live in a small BC town now where there is no similarly outstanding bakery, which is a shame in some ways, but an opportunity in others - guess I'll have to start one.
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TeckPoh 2008 March 7
I got through! And, boy, looking at your range of goodies is killing me! Did you mention how big is your baking team? Looks like a lot to handle.
Panevino 2008 March 9
hi Adam, is your bakery the one started by the lovin spoonful.  If it is, and I think that it is, I know a baker who worked there years ago.  We live on the same rock on the west coast.

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Adam T 2008 March 9
Yep. Chez Piggy was created by Zal Yanonfsky, way back. Then a few years later they created Pan Chancho to supply bread to Chez Piggy. It caught on from there, and has been going strong ever since. They closed down the old bakery on Johnson street, and opened up on Princess around 6 years ago. That is when I started
PaddyL 2008 April 11
Someone brought it back for me from Ontario last year, but I've yet to make anything from it.  Any suggestions?  Paddy in Montreal.
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Adam T 2008 April 11
My best suggestion from what is in the recipe book, is the apple cider bread.
With some simple substitutions, you can make our raisin bread from this as well.
Substitute the apple cider for eqaul amount of water
ground flax seeds for amaranth seeds
rye flour for whole wheat flour
and the apples for 1 1/2 cups of sultana raisins
You may also want to hold back a small amount of white flour. As the raisin bread is not as moist as the apple bread.

Both of thse breads make excellent french toast.

hope that helps

thanks, Adam
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Adam T 2010 October 19

 We get our red fife, spelt and small bags ( 2.5 Kg) of rye, buckwheat from C.I.P.M. in Hastings County. We haven't looked to far West for any other flours. 


Love your oven!



apsleybakery 2010 October 19

Thanks, the oven performs marvelously. 4 hour burn, bake all afternoon and it's still 300 degrees F the next morning.



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