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Most times when I log in one of the randon photos that pops up is a starter picture I posted a long time ago when I set out to compile a beginners primer. Last time I clicked on it and it turns out I posted it six years ago.

Couple of days ago the near horizontal rays of the setting winter sun lit up my  bowl of now 13 year old starter so I picked up the camera:

That's about 900g. 24 hours later it was 8.5 Kilos:

After my big mix on Tuesday night I refreshed what was left which was basically the scrapings of a dirty bucket. It sat on the kitchen counter until midday Thursday - about 42 hours -when I realised I was short of bread for ourselves (you look after the customers and find you have no bread). So I used the unrefreshed starter to knock up a Pain de Campgne:

I think that's a pretty good rise for a tired starter.


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shasta 2012 December 15

Looks like your old friend is good to have around for baking. Congratulations on keeping it healthy over the years.

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