Sourdough with inexpensive flour


I've been baking bread for a little while now and was wondering how cheap a loaf I could bake that still turned out to be good quality compared to supermarket bread.

The cheapest plain flour I could find was from Aldi at .89 cents a loaf and the cheapest Wholemeal flour was around the $1.99 mark from Coles or Woolies. Protein level for the Aldi flour is 10.5 and for the Coles wholemeal its 11.3.

I've had a few flops along the way but these days I seem to be able to turn out pretty good bread from these two flours.

The recipe is pretty basic too

300 grams starter 100% Hydration

100 grams Wholemeal Flour

300 grams Plain Flour

7 grams salt

210 grams water

All up cost is only .63 cents a loaf if you just include the ingredients so if you are on a tight budget this could be worth a shot.

Some photos of the results are below hopefully.



baked breadin oven








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farinam 2012 October 6

Hi Robear,

You can certainly pay a lot for designer flours and it all comes down to ones personal beliefs and choices in the end.

As with so many things about sourdough, it is what works for you.

Mighty fine looking loaves if I do say so myself.

Keep on bakin'


HelenF 2012 October 6

Good to know. I can't shake the belief that you should be able to make bread for a lot less than it can bought for.

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