Show your festive goodies!

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We had 18 guests and more than 30 carollers over on Christmas Eve.

A sampler of dinner served. Didn't manage to take all the food...was too busy hosting. In Msia, we go carolling for the FOOD, lol, spending an hour or more in each home, lots of merry-making and christmas warmth.

The meat are Braised Drop at the Bones Lamb Shanks, and Chicken Rendang.

Oh, bring us some figgy pudding....and a cup of good cheer!

Here you go....figgy pudding with brandy butter.

Here's my Dresden Stollen. The recipe called for the marzipan to be time I'll do it the traditional log-in-the-middle way.

Small fruit cake (alcohol bombs) I made for the moms.

Sticky Toffee Brownies with Maraschino Cherries stuck on with White Chocolate

Every one had a gingerbread man to bring home. They are decorated with lots of different expressions by my girls.

Apricot and Macadamia Biscotti

Pecan Fudge

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TeckPoh 2006 December 26

Yup. So that on the way out, my friends can pick one off the tree. Just love to see the look of delight. One year I got all my nieces together and they decorated 112 gingerbread men and women, more colourful than these.

One little girl couldn't wait.... :) 

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SourYumMum 2006 December 27


Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thanks for the photos of your goodies, they look just wonderful. I'm afraid all of our Christmas treats this year, other than my sozzled fruit cake - nearly all gone - were European goodies purchased from a local wholesaler.

How about posting your lamb shank and rendang recipes?

Oh go on, pretty please???


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TeckPoh 2006 December 27

I'm surprised I can access this site albeit with difficulty. Internet accessibility has been congested to a crawl because some major cables have been dislodged due to a 7.1 richter scale earthquake.

Thanks, Maedi, doughman and Carol.

Carol, your european goodies sound [i]lecker[/i] too! All my savouries were catered from halal sources as I had muslim no recipe for the lamb shanks. It's was so good that all my guests agreed that it's the best lamb they've ever tasted. As for chicken rendang, you could do some googling, I can't at the moment.

Hope this works.

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bianchifan 2006 December 28

great work, teepee!
Your "Stollen" looks absolutely fine, a little bit yeasty perhaps
Myself havn't found time to bake , must catch up, Panatons too..
SD is about 1 month old, ouuu, it might be sour.

I've done some "Zimtsterne" (Cinnamonny Stars )


and some date macaroons


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TeckPoh 2007 January 2

I'm still experiencing traffic congestion problems....takes me 10 mins to load this page. But, I just had to grit my teeth and bear the wish my baking family here [size=18]"A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!"[/size]

Markus...would love recipes for those 2 yummy treats. Danke.

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Jeremy 2007 January 2

Happy new year all!
Waiting to fly to NY to go back to work and get my intestines in order, ameobas, mud and long drives, will follow with lots of pictures of food and scenes in the Andes when I get some time after work this week, will post my trip in details on my site!

Ta and cheers to all!
TP you amaze me with all that hard work and scintillating photography!


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carla 2007 January 2

Ah TP its always so nice to see your pics. The food looks so good and the presentation. I am hungry already - again!
You really need to get into selling your talents!
Any cuisine magazine would love to have you on the staff!!

And Jeremy - looking forward to your pics (just not the ones of the amoebas please!)

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SourYumMum 2007 January 2

You can probably take your pick from these Jeremy!

Can't wait to see your photos.



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bianchifan 2007 January 3

Ta Jeremy, keep cool before murdering yourself with work.

TP, receipes will follow this evening, but the technique of the second one (burn off..puuhh) must be explained by another one, ask carla, perhaps she knows

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TeckPoh 2008 December 19
Made 8 of these booze bombs....semolina fruitcake.

This buche is for hubby to bring to his office today. A chocolate roll filled with Bailey's Cream swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate chips, and covered in chocolate buttercream spiked with Kahlua.

Also made dozens of fruitcake cookies, to be decorated to look like christmas puddings soon.

3 items done, 4 to go....ho! ho! ho!

Your turn.


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celia 2008 December 20
I've been making almond rochers and chocolate truffles :

And Pete's been making jam for Christmas presents :

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TeckPoh 2008 December 21
These are 5 1/2-inch gingerbread cookies...every snowflake has a different design, as snowflakes should. The people whom I gave to said, "It's too pretty to eat!"  I wish I had time to make more intricate cookies.

Just had to try Dan's moist stollen recipe. Made 6 of these, with homemade marzipan (made with Key's muscle power). YUM!

2 to go, and I'm (in). Happy festive baking, all!

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celia 2008 December 21

... those snowflakes look amaaazing!!!

I've just made coconut jellies (you know, the Chinese ones made with agar agar), and moulded them in a Nordicware petit fours pan that I've been struggling to find a use for!
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TeckPoh 2008 December 21
....for the nordicware idea! Such a waste not to be able to use it more. I'm supposed to make osmanthus waterchestnut agar-agar for the winter solstice dinner tomorrow night.

PaddyL 2008 December 29
But can't eat many or I break out in hives.  Still you've got my mouth watering.  I made pomegranate jelly to give as Christmas presents.  I haven't been here in a while, but I hope you all had wonderful Christmasses, and I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!
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TeckPoh 2008 December 29
look so good...and, er recipe yet. Nice to see you, Paddy... Your pomegranate jelly sounds super!

I'm going to spam with a few more pix, finger food this year for guests.

Minced beef pies flavoured with arabian masala (sent by BIL in Dubai....he also got me zattar!).

A lot of raves for this simple christmas cake cookie.

Cheaty bought puff pastry filled with otak-otak (spiced fish custard).

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TeckPoh 2008 December 29
Mini mince tarts - fully covered ones loaded with brandy, the starred ones are non-alcoholic for muslim guests.

C, I made a big 'un in the nordic christmas mould but it split during the unmoulding, sigh. Here's 2 small ones...osmanthus jelly with water chestnuts.

The pièce de résistance is this christmas pudding sent all the way from England. Guess who made it?

I didn't take pix of the bruschetta topped with semi-dried tomatoes with zattar, and I have a cut stollen pix somewhere...

And, now, we move on to New Year!! (roll eyes)

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celia 2008 December 29

...third attempt.  First ones were too green and too coconutty.  Second ones were an attempt at egg agar-agar, but instead of the thin whispy pulled strands of egg, I got scrambled egg.  It looked unfortunately like someone had puked into the agar.  So I had to try again, and these worked a treat - plain sweetened agar on top, and coconut agar on the base.

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celia 2008 December 29

These also went down well.  White chocolate ganache mixed with crumbled Christmas pud and a bit of Kirsch, then dipped in tempered dark Belgian chocolate.

And TP, a recipe you have to, have to, have to try, if you haven't already done so...Hungarian shortbread.  Same dough, different handling - you freeze the dough, and then grate it into the pan! Made with Pete's nectarine conserve.

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TeckPoh 2008 December 29
The agar-agar are so pretty!! Killing me with your belgian choc treats. How am I going to try that hungarian shortbread (wow wow wow!) without Pete's nectarine conserve? I don't think I'll be able to find ANY nectarine conserve/jam here! Grumble grumble.

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celia 2008 December 29

...I'm sure Key will make you some jam to go inside the shortbread! :)  It's a great recipe - my only advice is that you grate it in the food processor rather than by hand (which is a hard, PITA job!).  Food processor literally is matter of minutes.  And then you can keep shortbread dough in freezer, jam in the cupboard, and when people ring and say "we're coming over in an hour", you've got instant afternoon tea...
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celia 2008 December 29

...they don't mention this in the recipe, but it was in the comments - it works best if you let the dough defrost a little before you bake (probably doesn't need long in M'sia, though).  I actually baked it in a large rectangular pan, so my slices are quite thin and there is a higher proportion of jam to shortbread...
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LeadDog 2008 December 31
Celia you can't post something that looks that good here and not give us some to eat.  It is just plain not fair!  :)
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celia 2008 December 31

I can't send you a slice, but if you wanted to make your own, the recipe is here!  It's my son's favourite cake, and it will probably all be gone today! ;)

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TeckPoh 2008 December 31
[quote=LeadDog]Celia you can't post something that looks that good here and not give us some to eat.  It is just plain not fair!  :)[/quote] LOL, have we stood on the scales lately?

I was greedy and kept 2 stollens for myself. Cut this week-old stollen for breakfast.

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celia 2008 December 31

... we can't be friends if you mention the word "scales" !!! ;)

Love the look of your stollen - I've never tried making that before.  Is there a recipe around here somewhere that I've missed?  I'd love to give it a go...thanks..
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celia 2008 December 31

.... just saw the recipe on the front page of the forum!  TP, do you think the stollen would work without marzipan?  I can't stand the stuff.. :)
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Millciti 2009 January 6

Hey Celia... Stollen is made with or without Marzipan.   I found some interesting info on Wikipedia...In Dresden each year they make a stollen that is over 3 tons!  Here we get 3-4 different types of stollen from Germany and Austria.   If it is made without marzipan they usually call it Butter stollen.  I sometimes prefer it that way.  Your holiday bakes look delicious!  Your son's favorite cake might make a good choice for my son's birthday this weekend! 

Ld and Tp great inspiration!  I had a few gliches with my holiday baking but managed to pull off these great holiday rolls...  I have to work out some details but I think I should have the recipe soon.  I started to make bread and decided to convert it to a sort of Brioche and Orange Cranberry Pecan Sweet rolls.  Both came out great!  We made french toast with the brioche, it had a swirl of cardamom and cinamon through it with clemintine zest instead of lemon.  Somehow I missed taking a crumb slice and all the evidence was consumed!

Hope you are all blessed with a great baking Year!...


So when is the next bake off?

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TeckPoh 2009 January 6
Looking forward to the recipe.

The new school year started yesterday. So, I'm quite busy with the girls...and the chinese new year is around the corner, plus some other stuff. Guys, please start any bake-off if the fancy takes you. I'll join in whenever possible.

caper_gaper 2011 April 2

That looks like some great figgy pudding (can't say I've ever seen it in the flesh!). Your christmas celebrations look fantastic, and our sunday school group would like to borrow your idea of putting cherries on top of the brownies. Caroling and pecan fudge has to go hand in hand! Extremely festive. these are my favorite festive goodies:

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