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Hi folks, it´s Dúnia again. I was wandering if there something like a table of instructions when it comes to hydration of the starters. I mean something like a table with informations about the corresponding amounts of flour by each hydration rates of the starters. For exemple:

starter 50% hydration ------ Xg flour (total flour)

starter 70% ----- yg flour


Or it doesn´t really matter the hydration of the strater in respect to the recipe?

I´m posting a photo of the starter that I fed yesterday (around 11 hours ago). It´s been around 3 weeks that I´m feeding it.

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lluisanunez 2012 March 19

 What I do (because I read it in Hamelman's book) is to adapt my starter in the two feedings before I have to make the bread. So if I have a starter at 100% and the recipe asks for one at 50%, I'll feed it more flour than water, and then more in the second feed, until it's 50% (for example, 200 gr. of flour for 100 gr. of water)


George De Pasquale 2012 March 22

Another way to look at it that makes carrying this info around in your head easy is to think in terms of "builds".  In other words, a common starter is a 7x build.  So if you're using  a starter with 100% hydration (50/50 flour to water) an easy way to think of it is that you would build your starter to 7 times it's original weight.  In other words 100g of seed starter, 300g water, 300g flour or whatever.  The second part of this is to think in terms of how much of the flour in your formula you want to ferment. A good starting point is about 20%. So if you have a batch with a kilo total flour, and you want to ferment 20% of that, you take 200g of flour, 200g of water and 67g of your seed and that is the starter for the formula.  

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Dúnia 2012 March 19

Thanks for your reply.

But when I tried to access the link to the convertingtable, it doens´t work correctly. Could you try to post it again?

The links to the post of the hydration conversion text it´s fine, only the links to the tables and documents mentioned in those posts are giving me seme trouble.

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farinam 2012 March 19
Hello Dunia, Not sure what went wrong there. The links should now work for you. Let us know how you go. Farinam PS You have to go the File Save to get the file. The images that you see are just that - images. F

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