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Hello all.

I like the look of tiny blisters on some of my loaves.

But getting them seem to be a hit or miss kind of thing..


How can I get more blisters on my crust?


I appreciate all your help!!




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shasta 2013 February 8

I have the best luck doing the following:

I try to have a good surface tension on the skin of the loaf after final forming.

I proof over night in the refrigerator and bake the loaf while the dough is still a bit cool

Spray the loaf with water from a spray bottle just before placing the loaf in the oven.

I also use the roasting lid method shown on this video:

Typical results

Good luck!

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rmorillo 2013 February 9

Thanks Shasta for you reply.

In my case I am baking several loaves at a time so the lid method is cumbersome.

The video is illustrative and helpful and it ponits toward the need of a lot more moisture for the begining baking time

I'll see what I can do!




isand66 2013 February 11

Hi Primal Kitchen, do you happen to have her recipe for the salt starter?  The link from her post does not work and takes you to her website.  I would like to try this interesting recipe but kind of need the starter recipe to make it work.



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shasta 2013 February 11


Teresa has the recipe in the third part of her book.

This is a link to the chapter just prior to the one you're wanting.

Just about the same process, just add the usual amount salt (percentage wise) when making the starter as you would for bread.

The book is a good read for information and recipies. I learned a lot from it and the site she runs.


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