Good bakeries in Tassie?


 Gday everbody

I'm heading to Tassie next week for 10 days with the wife and outlaws, and I was wondering if there are any great sourdough bakeries down there not to miss. So far I have only managed to find anything on the Companion bakery in Oatlands, so we will be going there, but is there anywhere else? We go through a loaf of sourdough a day, so we will pick up a loaf at a different bakery each day most likely.
I have heard that there is a bit of an artisan bakers revival going on in the southern part of Oz, though there doesnt seem to be a state by state list anywhere.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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mondomama 2010 January 12

 Summer Kitchen sell at a few places in the South and have a stall at the 'Silo' end of Salamanca Market on the Saturday.

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Mary 2010 January 12

 Yep, Summer Kitchen are good - they have several varieties. I usually buy the sprouted rye or fruit & nut loaves. As Mondomama said, they sell from the market, and various other places - off the top of my head, Hill Street Grocer (West Hobart), Fresh Fruit Market (Salamanca), the organic shop on Criterion Street (in the city), Raw (Sandy Bay).... and at probably loads more places in Hobart and state wide that I don't know about.


Bauer's - a very small, family owned bakery - sells pretty much exclusively from Salamanca market and have a number of dense, heavy European style breads, most of them sourdough. The spelt fruit loaf is divine.


The only place I have been able to find Companion Bakery bread is at the Sunday morning farmers' market, which is in a carpark on the corner of Elizabeth and Melville streets. So far have tried the roast pumpkin, apple & cranberry and rosemary foccacia. Keen to sample the entire range!


Sorry this is a bit Hobart-centric if you're going to be travelling or elsewhere in the state! I would try the Mill Providore and Gallery near the Cataract Gorge in Launceston for breads up north, and perhaps Wursthaus as well. Good luck in your sourdough hunting - hope this helps! 

trentmaier 2010 January 12

 Thanks for the quick responses. We will be in a rented motorhome (yeah, I know, I hate them people too!), and keen to check out as much of the state as we can. The outlaws (and the wife too) are from BC, Canada, so they wanna check out as much of Oz as possible. I figure if I can get a rough idea of where there is good bread, I can steer us towards one of those towns each morning, so location should be of little issue to us. Very keen to try some good breads, and we will most likely hit up any markets that we see. We only have 10 days, and there are 7 breweries for me to visit, so it seems between beer and bread, there will be little time left for them to sightsee ;-P

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trentmaier 2010 January 14

 Gday Mary

I'll be sure to check out seven sheds. The brewer is a beer writer/critic, so I will be interested to see the beer that he produces! A quick look at the website only shows their Kentish Ale, maybe the Raspberry beer is a seasonal? Either way, I will try every beer they have to offer.

All the best


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Mary 2010 January 15

 Yep, Willie Simpson certainly knows stuff about beer. He's recently published a book about brewing in Tassie which I'm sure you'll stumble across at some point! 

Let us know how you go, upon your return - you may well discover some sourdoughs unknown to me as a local! Curious about what you may be able to find up north also. Enjoy your trip!

trentmaier 2010 January 17
G'day Maedi as the outlaws are organising all the travel plans, I'm not too sure of the day we will be dropping in, but I will either call the shop or post uphere a day or 2 in advance. I envisage it will be mid this coming week. Look forward to checking it out Trent
trentmaier 2010 January 29

 Gday again

Just gotten back to Forster from Tassie, and I must say that I had alot of fun, despite some pretty chilly temps! I had a fair lack of overall success finding sourdough places in general, but you cannot stop in at EVERY bakery when you are accompanied by the boss and the in-laws...

Anyway, I found a decent loaf of sourdough (boule) at Alps and Amici in Launceston. Wasnt as sour as I would like, but still very enjoyable, apparently made by some french people nearby. We tried some sourdough rye bought at brumby's (I think thats the name), and it had no sour at all. We somehow managed to completely avoid Hobart, despite flying into and out of there! BUT, on our last day, we went to Oatlands to the Companion bakery, and found Maedi, Graham (sp?) and Tristan to be incredibly hospitable hosts. They showed me their over (very jealous) and all around the bakery, even let me get hands on and shape up a few loaves (which I hope didnt backfire on them). We couldnt stay on to help bake them as we had to fly back to the mainland, but we took a few loaves of the pepita and linseed, and a country batard with us.

All I can say is that if you live in Tassie, you MUST get to the bakery in Oatlands. The bread is maybe a little less sour than I make at home, but it is excellent quality, certainly a step up from what I make. They have inspired me to make some home made ciabatta's, and start messing about with pumpkin and seeds and even home malted seeds.

The seven sheds brewery was great, I quite liked their raspberry wheat beer. I also hit up Two Meter Tall brewing near Rosgarland/Hayes, I liked most of his beers (not all), but I liked his VERY artisan approach to brewing. And his cider was excellent. Iron House brewing company also made some great beers (their Porter being the stand out) and a top notch restaurant - the wallaby burger was amazing - all in the middle of nowhere!

Thanks so much to everyone that gave me advice, and especially to Tristan, Graham and Maedi for making me feel so welcome at their bakery a mere 4 days after it had opened to the public. It was probably the highlight of my trip to Tassie and the bread is fantastic.

All the best


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