Companion Bakery

Companion is an organic wood-fired sourdough bakery based in Oatlands, Tasmania. Central to the bakery's philosophy is the use of organic flour and locally sourced ingredients.

All bread is naturally leavened, shaped by hand and baked using an Alan Scott designed oven. Companion are a member of the Artisan Baker Association. We use the Association's standards designed to make it easier for the customer to identify what is in their bread.

Callington Mill produces Tasmanian grown flour using wind-driven stones. The 18th century Georgian mill is opposite Companion Bakery and we use the local flour in our bread.

Baking Classes are run throughout the year, where bakers and bread enthusiasts are taught the art of sourdough bread and other specialities, including cakes and pastries.

Come in for espresso coffee, soup, toasted sandwiches, pies, quiche, cake & our fabulous sourdough bread.


Sourdough Baking Classes

Sourdough is the ancient craft of rising bread using natural fermentation. Our classes are hands on, guiding guests through every stage of the sourdough baking process. A Class Calendar is available on our website.


Introduction to Sourdough

We get straight into mixing bread dough using a sourdough starter, then develop and shape the dough into bannetons and tins for baking. Techniques used throughout the course will improve our control of mixing, shaping, baking, time & temperature.

The Alan Scott wood-fired oven is central to the baking process, providing stored heat and a descending temperature preferred for baking. Guests can load and unload the oven using a wooden peel. Oven theory and how to replicate the baking process at home is also reviewed.

Cost:  $290.00 per person including GST
Duration: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Includes:  Baker's Cap, Mill Tour, Lunch, Sourdough Starter
Limit of 8 positions per class



Advanced Sourdough Consultancy

Do you operate a bakery that wants to introduce high quality sourdough bread? Or are you about to open a new bakery?

The best way to learn is while you bake. Spend a full baking shift at Companion Bakery working with Graham & his team. We will make several varieties of sourdough bread & cover all the fermentation techniques you need to know to run a successful sourdough bakery.


Techniques covered include: 

- Firing & baking in a woodfired oven

- How to bake great sourdough in gas or electric oven

- Hot & cool starter fermentation techniques

- Flour characteristics & selection

- Dough development

- Bulk & intermediate proofing styles

- Balling & shaping

- Using bannetons & other forms including tins

- Warm & cool proofing (retardation)

- Sourdough workflow: adapting sourdough process to suit your lifestyle/bakery schedule

- Recipe creation


We will also make the time to visit Callington Mill and take a closer look at the production of organic stoneground flour.


Cost:  $2000.00 plus GST (1 booking covers up to 2 people)
Duration: 1 baking shift - firing the oven, working the dough, baking bread

Date: By negotiation




106 High Street
Oatlands TAS
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
ABA ProductABA Standard
Rye bread
ART 10 - Organic Sourdough Wholegrain
Romano Celery
ART 11 - Organic Sourdough Sifted
Roast Pumpkin Bread
ART 11 - Organic Sourdough Sifted
Apple Sultana
ART 11 - Organic Sourdough Sifted
Sesame Sunflower
ART 11 - Organic Sourdough Sifted
Country Batard
ART 11 - Organic Sourdough Sifted
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