Doughy texture of baked loaf?


Often my loaves have a doughy texture when cooked. They appear cooked but when you eat it becomes doughy in your mouth. Does that mean they're under-cooked?

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farinam 2012 January 7

Hello redrich,

Any chance of a picture of the crumb of one of your loaves that have this characteristic.

In my limited experience of undercooked dough, it is usually right in the centre of the loaf and has a different colour and texture to the part of the loaf that is cooked.

Keep on bakin'


RobCollier 2012 January 8

How soon after baking are you tucking in, RedRich?

If you break into a loaf when it's soon out of the oven and still piping hot, then the crumb hasn't 'set' and can be doughy.

Best to be patient and leave a loaf for at least a couple of hours. Hard I know.


Also, what's your salt percentage?


Undercooked is quite probable though. As Farinam says, have you got a shot of the crumb?

Be brave with your bake.

bobku 2012 January 10

best bet is to use thermometer bread should cook to about 205 degrees I was under baking all my bread until got thermometer now they are much better

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