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Convection microwave oven


Hi all, I am going to be creating an extremely small living area in the city soon, as our main dwelling will be our country house. I can easily buy good bread here (I am in Melbourne near Dench and Baker de Chirico), but I am addicted to baking my own.

I am only going to have space for a microwave oven, not a conventional oven. I have looked on forums about using a convection microwave for bread, but they are not encouraging.

I bake my bread in a romertopf or Le Crueset, and I don't believe the people who offer advise tried it this way.

Is there anyone out there who has such an oven and has tried it with this method, or who would be willing to give it a go for me?

Here's hoping.

Hi and thanks to everyone for all the great advice and 'company'.


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Cielkaye 2012 October 19

This would be a convection microwave, not a conventional microwave, and I also use a romertopf, which is a clay baker.

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wishfish 2012 October 20

Aha, OK, I am displaying my ignorance of both microwaves and romertopfs.... the idea of a Crueset in a microwave was a bit disturbing.

Sorry I can't offer any helpful advice.

Chow 2012 October 20

Should work fine. I was using a convection microwave at a mates house recently. Another friend had two that ran the finger food menu for his bar. Those were the comercial Panasonics and much better than the Samsung that I was just using. 

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