can't slash my loaf to save my life :/


Hi all, can anyone give me some pointers for scoring my breads??? It drags, it sticks, etc.... Im using brand new single edge razor blades. My dough is quite moist and perhaps 80 - 90% risen. Im thinking maybe I should try a fine cerated blade?

Any suggestions would be great, thanks !

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108 breads 2015 March 25

I too have not mastered any pretty slashing techniques. However, recently I did an easy square on the top of a dough with a lame. Looked much more professional than my usual cross slash. That said, I will be watching that video.

GeoffC 2015 March 28

I find using a pair of scissors, cutting two or three 3-4 inch slits, an easy alternative to trying to slash with a blade - and that's even with a very high hydration dough that I can 'only' pour into my dutch oven.

amber108 2015 March 28

Yeah, Ive seen people using sharp sxissors and it looks great, you xant get long xuts though (sorry my keyboards a bit weird)  And, Ive also notixed that the pros often have a slightly drier surfaxe and good tension, somehow my dough gets good volume but laxks that tension. My xuts are getting better but not so smooth yet. getting there :)

amber108 2015 March 29

scissors and straight blade cuts, I really like the scissor thing, so much fun :)