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 Can anyone tell me where might be good to buy bulk organic flour in Melbourne. I am particularly after Rye, Spelt (white and wholegrain) and Kamut. I get 5kg bags of Kialla white and wholemeal from my local fruit shop but they can't seem to get bulk of the other stuff and I am currently paying $4.70 for 750g of Rye flour which is too much..



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tantan 2011 March 7

Hi Nattie,

it's worth checking out Friends of the Earth - Smith Street Collingwood.

They  order bulk if people want it.

I got grain though - as I wanted to mill my own flour - so following prices are for grain - i'm pretty sure they will order flour instead if you want. It will cost a  bit more I'm sure


I ordered in jan 2011 - came very quickly.

20kg rye gain for $30 (~ 1.50/kg)

25kg wheat grain for $30 (~ 1.20/kg)

5kg of spelt grain $50 (pretty sure it is australian spelt - flours i have seen for sale recently are imported - prices for spelt are highly variable here - often the grain isn't available).


Otherwise they sell flour bulk (fill your own container - weigh out as much as you want), rye flour averages aroud $3.50/kg.

It's all organic or biodynamic. I've not notice Kamut flour there  - but you could ask - they might try to order a special bulk bag for you.

CERES  shoppe in brunswick also sell bulk flour - not sure if they would do special orders though.

And one more place - NSM? Victoria Street West Brunwick - middle eastern wholesalers - sell bags of flour - ranging 2kg, 5kg, etc - organic again. Spelt was smaller bags though (1kg) cheaper than most places - but I always go to CERES and Friends of the Earth, they seem to win out price wise.


Hope this helps!

andrewd 2011 March 7

Hi Nattie

Myself and a couple of friends order direct from pure harvest organic distributers. I get 25kg bags of rye and 100% stoneground wheat for $55 - $60. We do this every few months or so, depending on how quickly we run down our pantries. We have it delivered to my house in Footscray so if you're nearby or willing to travel, you'd be more than welcome to join in the next purchase.

Unfortunately, for the past year or so they haven't had any bread making flour in stock but the 100% stoneground works nicely and it's hard to say no to the price.



davo 2011 March 8

If you are at FOTE in Collingwood, and they don't have what you want, jut look across the road at the organic food shop that is attached to a cafe - just north of Safeway. They certainly sell (at least) organic stone ground wholemeal rye, and spelt, among other things like whole rye berries. And if they are out of stock their much bigger parent shop (an organic foods supermarket - not sure it name)  at the top end of Lygon Street will probably have what you want. Prices pretty good, too, I reckon.

Only once did I have a problem, the normally nice (to me!) rye flour which has a blend of finish and coarse bits of rye in it was instead uniformly very fine with no coarse component. I took it back and they exchanged it no questions -  I think it was a bag-filling error!

SunnyMoon 2014 July 6

I know this an old thread but I have just discovered by chance at a local farmers market the best stoneground spelt and its organic. I first just bought a 1kg bag and used it to make a basic spelt bread and what I discovered was a taste explosion that was a very impressive loaf. I called the man who was selling it and he delivered a 20kg of white spelt and a 5kg of unbleached stoneground plain for free.. My happiest flour discovery in Melbourne :)  

Cristina C 2018 September 30

I just saw your reply. Are you still in contact with this wonderful man?!? I’ve been doing loads of research for great prices but more importantly great flours. 

Newbie 2014 July 8

So I'm guessing the flour from the Rare Organics website you suggested in your other post ??

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shasta 2014 July 11

If you can get a hold of Callington Mill flour from Oatland Tasmania, they have a great organic stone ground spelt!

SunnyMoon 2014 November 13

Just an update that this flour is now available from his stall at Queen Victoria Market that is called Rare Organics. I got a 5kg bag of Wholemeal Plain for about $18.00 and was milled last month !! Spread the word that good fresh produce is available :)

vermasachin1980... 2014 November 16

Hi Natti, there are many wholesale organic bakeries in melbourne and they would be happy to give you flour if you like. i know few of them and  can tell you exactly where to get it if i know where you located in melbourne. Take care and happy baking

SunnyMoon 2014 November 22

I'm very happy with this flour as its milled on a monthly basis and very affordable whilst supporting small business. Im in Northern Suburbs, are yours freshly milled and whats the prices ? I need freshly milled and stoneground


Staff 2015 August 13

Are there any further updates on where to get flour in Victoria? 

IVANKA has asked:




I am currently baking bread (novice) with shop bought flour. I am looking in obtaining large bag ( q15 - 20 kg bag of  baking spelt or rough ground multigrain flour in Victoria.  Would you be able to suggest where I could purchase it from. To date I was not able to find it.

Thanks for kind assistance.

raymontigus 2015 August 15

You could also try, "The Mixing Bowl". they have two stores, one in Hallam, not sure where the other is. 

They carry a wide variety of flours. give them a call..



SunnyMoon 2015 August 14

Hi Ivanka, 

I'm getting 5Kg bags on a fortnightly basis from Rare Organics at Queen Vic Market. All stoneground and lovely with my sourdough. The wholegrain has been working a treat and is really affordable price. Also the owner of the stall is very helpful & friendly. :)

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