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Well, I'm very proud - I made my first ever sourdough loaf (Auvergne Crown from Local Breads). I was pleased with the result - great taste, great crust - I'd like it a little less dense, but I'll give my starter more time when I next bake.


The only problem is that the bread stuck to the parchment paper - like it was glued on! I picked off what I could, then told my fellow eaters to chew with care (they chewed the paper and didn't even seem to notice!). What can I do? It was decent quality parchment, but maybe I need to use something else?





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TedinOz 2011 January 31

Congratulations on your first loaf! You may want to try a thin oil film on the parchment to prevent sticking, either just rub it over by hand or spray on. But if you are adverse to using oil a light dusting with semolina before loading your loaf also works a treat to prevent sticking.



Muff 2011 February 1

Shouldn't be an issue, especially to the degree you describe. A bit of oil or dusting will help, but I suspect something else must be going on. Is it really parchment? Was the dough in contact with the paper wet to the touch? If the paper isn't real baking parchment there could be a problem, and very wet doughs will stick. (Solutions obvious!)


Good luck,



Mad 2022 September 12

Had this happen this morning. I was out of parchment and bought a cheap brand at local Aldi's - never again. I have never had problem with parchment after 2 years straight of weekly bakes. I don't think this was real parchment - now I have 2 gorgeous loaves with a paper crust!

rossnroller 2011 February 1

I use parchment paper all the time and have never had a bread stick as you describe, Jo. Have never used oil, flour, semolina or anything else on it. I find I can pull it out from under the dough with a bit of agitating about 15 minutes into the bake.

jem 2011 February 1

I have never used any sort of paper when baking bread, but I've thought it might be handy from time to time, so I'm interested in this.

The baking parchment is different to products like GladBake isn't it?



Jo_King 2011 February 1

Thanks for all your comments. I'm in the UK, and I'm using parchment (rather than plain greaseproof). I don't think the paper was wet, but I'm not 100% sure. It was quite a wet dough though.  Should really have used extra flour - even though I've been baking for years, I seem to have lost my common sense in a sourdough related panic!


I've got a second loaf rising now (though it's a long rise), so I'll bake this evening and see how it goes. I'm now off to improvise a banneton! I'll let you know how it goes.

DEaton 2017 January 27

I just made a bread for the first time off a king arthur recipe and had the exact same issue.  The dough was quite sticky as it was supposed to be according to instructions.  I used a pizza stone and parchment paper to bake it on, as instructed.  The parchment stuck to the bread something awful.  I had to skin the bottom of the loaf off to serve it.  The bread was fantastic, but I can't understand why the parchment paper would stick like that.  I made the round loaf on a floured workspace so the bottom wasn't just totally wet dough on the parchment.  The loaf set for an hour to rise on the parchment before i slid it onto the preheated stone.

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farinam 2017 January 28

Hello DEaton,

I would guess that your problem was the fact that you let it sit for an hour.  The dough basically glued itself to the paper and then the baking temperature finished the job.

Normally, you would prove your loaf with the seam side up in a basket or banneton and then invert it onto the parchment just before slashing and baking.

Perhaps you should try using a recipe at a lower hydration until you find your feet with some of the techniques.  Have a read of the Beginners Blogs (Home page right hand column) and the Pane francesa recipe given in them is a very good one to learn with.

Good luck with your projects.


Dorothy 2023 January 1

For the first time today I had this happen as well. The recipe for no knead bread says that after the 18+ hour rising time, place it on parchment paper, cover it and let it rise for an additional 1-2 hours.  I realize my mistake was not lightly flouring the parchment paper!  And I almost blamed it on inexpensive parchment, which may well have contributed to the paper sticking as well.  Lesson learned.

Loafer 2017 February 6

I had a roll of parchment paper were everything stuck to it

Aldi brand

I think it was a dud roll

I used more oil to finish the roll,(hate waisting stuff and live too far away to justifiy returning it)

The new roll ,same brand works well,.the rolls before worked well too

Fournos 2017 September 10

Let me share my tip. It worked for me as the bread was still warm, I don't know if it works when cold. Get the bread with the stuck paper and use a small clean paintbrush which you dip into a glass of water and then moist small parts of the stuck paper while pulling the paper off slowly with the other hand.

Peter Kensicki 2019 July 1

Using a small paint brush and water works.  Even when the bread is cold.  You wet the paper gently and make sure it sits for a while before slowly pealing the paper.  If there is a place where the bread still sticks, wet and wait or use a small knife to cut the offending paper.  Fournos saved my pretzel hoagie rolls.  However, next time I will either use silicone mat or grease up the parchment paper.  THANK YOU FOURNOS11



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Garethbusby 2019 July 4
I’ve never had any success with parchment paper, when we would run out of silicone in the bakery and tried it, it always stuck to the bread, even bread rolls which have a dry dough and a short proof time. After this I’ve always used a silicone or baking sheet. For tin bread a light oil spray if you don’t trust your non stick coating is Enough.
Sabina Tamburin 2021 February 18

I noticed that my wet dough bread recipes called for a 450 oven but when I read what is on the box of my various brands of parchment paper one said safe for temperatures up to 400, another 420 and none were higher than that.   Maybe that is the problem - too high oven temperature - and don't forget, some ovens have temperatures that are off somewhat and could be higher than you think.

Sallie Hudson 2021 March 5

I have had this happen paper seriously sticking happen to me on all previous 4 attempts and i have just worked it out:

oiled the baking paper lightly with Peanut Oil

Then scattered rice flour over that

Worked like a dream!

NiktheSourdough 2021 March 21

I used to have the same problem, 500° recipe, but now I use a dutch oven/cast iron pot with lid. I only sprinkle flour on the parchment and i let the dough rest on the parchment an hour to an hour and a half no problems.

AM 2021 April 8

Sprinkle the shaped doughball with a generous amount of rice flour. I've never had a loaf stuck to the parchment paper if I did this which has even happened when I used oil.

Ubok-mfon 2023 January 20
How about baking the bread on a silicone mat? How would this fare compared to baking paper? Asking.

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