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Bakery Chef Anders

Any one know where to buy bamboo basket for proofing sourdough bread??

im in Thailand and cand find a supplier here

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shasta 2013 January 23

Most of the sites I know are in the U.S. 

Graham sells them at Companion Bakery in Tas. Australia but both of those may be too costly for shipping to your location. 

I would think you could find some rattan or bamboo baskets made locally that would work. I would think that most tight woven baskets would serve. 

Good luck in your search.

Chow 2013 January 23

HI, You can get the proper plastic ones in SIngapore but they are pricey. You may be able to get the cane ones as well but I'm not sure where.  

While not working professionally I have been using assorted plastic baskets from the market sprayed with water and dusted with flour. 

If I end up spending more time here in Indonesia I'll probably find a rattan basket worker who can make me a few - you can probably do the same in Thailand. 

floreal 2013 January 26

I have ordered mine from the Sanfrancisco Sourdough Institute in San Francisco.  It was really easy, sending them a message, they provided postage cost for what I wanted, and then they phoned me for my credit card details.  In short, $93 Aus for 3 bannettons in cane (made in Germany).  Look at their website, they have many different sizes, and other stuff too.

Hope that helps


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