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Hi from Adelaide

I would like to create a sourdough starter, but am concerned about high temperature (up to 39 deg this weekend) and can be hot all summer some seasons.  Should I wait till autumn perhaps to begin my journey?  I regularly make bread, but have never attempted sourdough.



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farinam 2012 December 17

Hello shoshanna,

Nothing to lose but your smoker's cough, and maybe a little flour.

Things will happen a bit faster but just remember that the yeasts etc don't die from lack of food (not in the short term anyway).  Just follow the guidelines for daily feeding /discarding etc in SourDom's blog and maybe look for the coolest spot in the house to keep your culture until  you have it stabilised.  Then you can keep it in the fridge and only tap into it and maintain it as needed for baking.

When you do start baking, your dough development times and proof times will also be shorter and best to use the recipe as a guide only and your judgement and observation to determine readiness.

Don't be afraid to sing out if you need more advice.

Good luck with your projects.


petanque 2012 December 17

alternatively if you ask nicely I can give you some sour.

I live in Melrose Park about 6 Km south of the CBD

while it can be hot to find somewhere cooler is achievable for most of us.

the bakers delight I worked at set their proover at 38C their bread was unremarkable.


shoshanna 2012 December 21

Thank you Farinam and Petanque for your responses.  Sorry about the delay in replying ..  computer glitch!

Am totally at sea re starters and am totally starting from scratch, but am willing to plunge into the fray.  Don't really like sourdough, but hey, I didn't like white bread until I made my own!  I honestly feel, from reading bread forums and blogs, that temp is rather important, so will have to improvise to keep a steady temp.

Petanque, I live at Chandlers Hill/Happy Valley, and sometime after Christmas/Year period, I would love, pretty please, to have a little of your starter.  Could I conact you at some stage and come and collect your precious gift (with detailed instructions on its care of course)?  I could then start my own journey from scratch when the temp is more stable, perhaps in autumn.

In the meantlme, Merry Christmas to you both.


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shasta 2012 December 21


Good luck on you entry to the world of sourdough baking! I suspect you will like the bread you produce with a starter. The process can take some getting used to because it is slower than what you may be used to with commercial yeast but the taste can be fantastic! Hope to see some post from your efforts in the future!


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