sourdough and TECATE beer bread video


HopesHope 2012 June 8

 I would like to see the pictures of the finished product, please.


The video was funny, you have a great personality...





vet_ca 2016 February 17

Hahaha, I've had the same problem with my mixer from time to time.  Great video Chef Carlos muy bien.  I'll second the motion and would like to see a picture of the final product.

Cheers and keep up the great and funny videos,


Jenna's picture
Jenna 2016 February 18

Really like.  Pictures are in the second video 2/2.  It let me click on it in the video above to see the final.

Always, Jenna

vet_ca 2016 February 19

Thank you for the heads up Jenna.  Duh, guess I missed part 2 of 2.  The loaves look great and I'm totally impressed that the Cocker sat there and just watched while Chef Carlos prepared the test slice.  Todo bien mi amigo Carlos.

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