Replicating a professional baking environment


Maite 2009 June 23

Excellent explanation, You should do this sort of teaching more often! Thanks a lot
subfuscpersona 2010 May 9

It's unclear to me whether the cast iron pot (and lid) was preheated in the oven to make it very hot.

I also notice that the cast iron pot is placed on a baking stone. Why is that? Isn't the heat from the pot alone sufficient? Is there some other advantage to using a cast iron pot *plus* a baking stone?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

ehanner 2010 May 9

He says in the beginning that he put the pot in when the oven was turned on to preheat. That's the common practice. I like the flexible mat idea. I'll bet that is a lot easier to load that way. I have used parchment a few times too.


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