slack dough

Baking Survey

Hello! I am making different breads as a class project and would love to hear your feedback on my survey. Any answers are helpful...

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Collapsed bread

Collapsing dough

I am about to give up on my sourdough baking escapades! I have a great starter and try to follow many different recipes and...

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grey mould on starter

I'm new to the sour dough world.Chuffed with my new starter. Fed it every day for a week and then had a lovely vinigary whiff to...


Smooth and springy dough?

I have a problem in producing a dough that will "stand up" . I use a 70% hydration and a 1-2-3 proportion for starter, water and...

Sourdough after proving for 12 hours in the fridge and 1 hour outside the fridge.

In need of some tips!

Hey everyone! My sourdough adventures have just begun, and I could really use some tips! So far, I used recipes from Paul...