Collapsing dough

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I am about to give up on my sourdough baking escapades! I have a great starter and try to follow many different recipes and techniques, but I cannot get that firm soft dough that you all get. Mine remains sticky (I use 75% hydration) and I want big bubbles but it collapses on me as soon as I move it to bake it. See attached pic. Can anyone help me with a technique that will work for a home baker?


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shasta 2014 February 1

The light color of the loaf and the fact that it falls indicates over proofing. Without knowing the recipe you are using and specifics on the process you are using it would be hard to comment on what to do to get better results. I would suggest maybe trying a lower hydration until you get the process down more. Less hydration my meaan smaller bubbles on the short term but the dough will be easier to work with until you get the hang of the process. Then you can always go with a higher hydration. 

If you list the recipe and technique you are using, I can suggest changes.

Don't give up! You can do this and the rewards are worth it.

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