Smooth and springy dough?


I have a problem in producing a dough that will "stand up" . I use a 70% hydration and a 1-2-3 proportion for starter, water and flour. Whether I knead it a lot or a little I cannot get the "satiny" description used in most baking books. Mostly I use a rye starter and a mix of French flour and strong white. It rises well in a proving basket, but flops when I turn it out and slash it. Baking at 250 with or without steaming I get no oven spring.. Where am I going wrong?

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farinam 2013 July 22

Hello Doughball,

It could be overproving but without some idea of the rest of your procedure including the temperature and times involved it is hard to be more specific.

Good luck with your projects.


Doughball 2013 July 22

My problem occurs before proving, tthe dough stays sticky and the more I knead it the worse it gets.....

i have tried Dan Lepard's method of virtually no kneading, but that doesn't seem to work for me either. I am obviously doing something wrong somewhere......


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farinam 2013 July 23

Hi Doughball,

Based on your 1:2:3 recipe and 70% hydration (I guess you are using a 100% starter) you should have no problems at all.

What is the protein content of your two flours?  And is the French flour wheat based?

Exactly how are you kneading the dough and for how long?

I also assume that you are adding salt as well.

Keep on bakin'


Doughball 2013 July 24

My latest try is now sitting in the fridge overnight. I mixed a 200/400/600 + 12g salt and tried the 10 minute interval Dan lepard kneading   method. It is all Strong White flour apart from the rye/whoemeal starter.  After autolyse  it seemed fairly elastic  but once again  the more handling the less springy it seemed.  After a few hours rising I degassed it, shaped and put it to bed in the fridge.

i now have a slate bake stone  and will try that tomorrow - here's hoping



PetraR 2013 October 18

I have a very thick starter * I prefer it that way * but do not ask my about hydration and such, I just feed it to have the same consistancy all the time.

I prefer to work with a wet and sticky dough and just add some more flour while kneading.

My Bread gets flat when I turn it onto the Baking sheet but it springs back in the oven.


I tried to use a Mashine to knead my dough since I suffer from Arthritis but the funny thing is, I only get it smooth and satiny when I knead it by hand.

I do knead for 20 Minutes : 5 Minutes kneading, 5 Minutes resting, 5 Minutes kneading ,5 minutes resging...

Each time after resting it becomes more smooth.

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