A Buckwheat Bread

The cooked buckwheat added a softness to the dough and a gentleness somehow to the whole wheat. I made extra kasha and ate it for...

Buckwheat Sourdough

I was excited to get back to baking with the end of Passover. After putting all of the Passover stuff away, I found my starter that has...Read more

Buckwheat Batard

Here is my latest creation! I borrowed the Idea from "local Breads" for this Buckwheat Batard. Overall I am happy with the bake...

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Buckwheat only sourdough - early attempt.

Gluten free breads based on buckwheat

I have been playing around with the idea that it might be possible to develop a gluten free bread with buckwheat only. No...


Barley, buckwheat and spelt loaf

Hello, I generally make a spelt sourdough with sprouted rye grains (crushed but not milled). But for a change, I was thinking of...