Buckwheat Batard

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Here is my latest creation! I borrowed the Idea from "local Breads" for this Buckwheat Batard. Overall I am happy with the bake but want to get more buckwheat flavor out of the bread. I may try retarding in the refrigerator to coax out some more flavor. I used only 10% Buckwheat and 90% Bread flour at a 70% hydration with 25% prefermented flour in this sourdough.


So I have some questions for anyone who cares to weigh in.

Has anyone had any good experiences with buckwheat in higher percentages than 10%?

Any gluten free folks have any thoughts on a buckwheat only starter. I tried this once and failed miserably.

Anyone have any luck with buckwheat loaves using AP flour? The texture was a little gummy for my taste. I believe this was due to the bread flour. My fear is that if I add in some AP flour the thing won't hold together with the gluten-less buckwheat.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!




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Staffo 2012 November 6

Hi J,

I use a buckwheat only starter and make buckwheat bread. Buckwheat is a little inscrutable, not at all showy as a starter, but it does work. I have posted on sourdough.com showing some of my buckwheat work. http://bit.ly/Pok8aF

I have other gluten free starters, that are a bit more demonstrative, millet and quinoa. A long preferment buckwheat is full of rich flavour, and well worth the effort. I tend to use one or other GF flours with my buckwheat, but the results ever as open a crumbs you are able to achieve with a flour that contains gluten. Some of my other buckwheat bread is here: Http://bit.ly/xpXWJR (also on sourdough.com)

Your loaf looks great! It would be interesting to try a buckwheat starter with a buckwheat / wheaten flour mix.




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