Buckwheat Sourdough


I was excited to get back to baking with the end of Passover. After putting all of the Passover stuff away, I found my starter that has been dormant for the last week and half, and started to feed my starter. I also thought I had some whole wheat, rye, and spelt. 

The next morning I found out that I did not have much flour and had two kilos of Buckwheat and a 70% whole wheat. So I did a quick search on making buckwheat sourdough and decided to give the following a try:

  • 400 grams buckwheat 
  • 600 grams 70% whole wheat
  • 20 grams of salt
  • 680 grams water
  • 200 grams of starter (after being feed and rising for close to 11 hours)

Working with buckwheat is very differnet from other flours, such as rye, whole wheat, white, and spelt, so I had to pay close attention to the mixing to make sure that everything was mixed properly. (I mix by hand). 

I let the dough rise for an hour and then did a few folds. 

After 5 hours of total rising, I shaped the dough into two loaves and placed them into broftform for the last rising. 

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