Spelt/Rye combination with large amount of starter

I've made this spelt/rye bread, a few times and it is only because I am spoiled that I am deeming it okay instead of really good...

Photo of the original white bread before the variations.

Whole grain adjustments to a perfect white bread

I made three variations to a white bread recipe. The spelt variation was mediocre, but the whole wheat variations were wonderful...

Spelt is the new favorite

This might be the finest bread I have made so far. Bread #34 is 100 percent spelt and it had a long, slow rise. The combination...

photo of my bubbly, beautiful starter

Good results with spelt, starter and yogurt

This is an easy recipe that is about 2/3 spelt and yogurt. I had to adjust for the somewhat extra liquidity of my farmers market...

Day 2

Spelt starter..... no idea what I am doing..... please help

Hi, I am new to baking sourdough, but have been baking bread for the past year or so. My husband seems to have developed a wheat...


100% WHOLE Grain Starter??

Hi there! I need some help/advice. I am a health extremist if you will... as in I don't consume white flour of any sort. I am on...


Ciabatta with Carmelized Onions, Rye & Spelt Flours

The last time I made Ciabatta I made a sourdough version that came out quite good. In my never-ending quest to try to create something new...Read more


Hello, I am Gerry (female). I am new to non-commercial yeast bread starters. In Early Jan'12 I was given a small amount of starter from rye...Read more


Barley, buckwheat and spelt loaf

Hello, I generally make a spelt sourdough with sprouted rye grains (crushed but not milled). But for a change, I was thinking of...

My First Sourdough Bread

Hi, I am a retired ex-patriot Brit, now living on the Costa Blanca, Spain. Since retirement I obviously have a little more time on my hands...Read more