White Gunk at the bottom of my Sourdough Starter


As I was retreiving my sourdough starter from the refridgerator, I saw that it had seperated into three different layers instead of the usual two. The starter was on top, the alcohol was in the middle, and this thick layer of white goo was at the bottom. Do you know what this white goo is and if my starter is still good to use? 

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farinam 2016 March 21

Hello Anonymous,

I suspect that what has happened is that some of the 'froth' that formed at the top of your starter while it was active has not collapsed for some reason.  Perhaps it dried out a little.  The bulk of the mix underneath has then separated into layers as usual so the white stuff at the bottom is just the flour and other solids that have separated from the liquid.

I would say that if you give it a mix, discard some and give it a feed you will be back in business.  Just don't leave it so long next time.

Good luck with your projects.


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