What should starter LOOK like?

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Hello all - I am wondering if someone can send me a photo of what SD starter should look like while it's developing - maybe in it's different stages - what it looks like when it's ready to use in a recipe, what it looks like when it's ready to feed, etc.  I live at a high elevation, that's very dry.  I'm wondering if there is less yeast in the air where I live since it's so dry.  I'm thinking that if I knew what I should be looking for, then the starter recipes I'm finding I can adjust as needed if my starter needs more time to develop.



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SlackerJohn 2019 February 14

Sorry, can't help with pictures!

But I don't think you're capturing yeasts in the air.  The yeasts live in the bran which is part of the flour you use.  That's why it's good to use some wholemeal flour in the mix, though even white flour still has some bran.

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