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Underwhelming Rise

MRF Baker

I have just begun baking bread.  I've made my own starter and I am using Tartine Bread as my guide. The taste good very much like a sourdough, but I don't seem to get a good rise.  I feed my starter every other day, the smell changes as described and there is definitely airation.  Could it be the kneeding or I don't allow for a long enough rise or could I let it rise too long.  If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated..

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farinam 2015 September 29

Hello MRF Baker,

It could be any one of those things but without more information about your recipe and procedure as well as the temperature that you are working at (and maybe a pic of the result) it is hard to be specific.

I assume that your are familiar with the various tests for dough development (window test) and degree of proof (poke test).  The temperature that you are working at will have a significant effect on the time that the process (particularly proving) will take and if you are just following timings given with a recipe/procedure, you can be way out just because of temperature diferences between your kitchen and that of the developer/author.

One other possibility are the conditions in your oven such as the actual temperature (not necessarily the same as the setting on the dial) and whether your are using gas or electric and whether you are using steam in the initial part of the bake.

So you can see why it is important to give rather more detail when asking for guidance.

Good luck with your projects.


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