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Tiles in Oven as stone replacement


Hi Sourdough Community,

I’ve been reading all the previous posts on stone alternatives for increasing the thermal mass in the oven and also cooking on. 

It it sounds like Unglazed terracotta tiles are the go. 

I have contacted local hardware and garden stores and no one seems to have any. 

Can anyone recommend anything else that I can get from hardware stores etc? I can’t seem to find pizza stones in my state of Australia either - although that is an expensive option for a hobby baker haha

and I can’t put concrete tiles in an oven can I?

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Manuele 2018 April 5


Friends of mine have used slabs of granite in the oven which worked quite well. You could probably get off cuts from kitchen makers or hardware stores...

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farinam 2018 April 11

Hello Atuechler,

You could try a flooring place that specialises in tiles.  But make sure that you get an unglazed terracotta one.  Some of the glazes can have nasties that you wouldn't want to transfer to your bread in the heat of the oven.

Good luck with your projects,


Myrna Martinez 2018 October 4
Do u put the tiles on the bottom of the oven or on the racks

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