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I have just made two loaves with my spelt starter using an overnight no-knead method and a Dutch oven.  Typically in the past my bread has been 90% white, 10% spelt flour, but feeling adventerous (and enjoying the taste of spelt), I flipped this and made predominately spelt this time around. Hydration levels were 75% and taste and texture of the bread is good, however they are both rather flat looking!  Any tips kindly welcomed :-)  One thought that I had was that perhaps I needed to use a narrow tin?

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Anonymous 2016 February 15

Spelt ferments at a faster rate than wheat so you may have let the dough over-ferment? I've had great results with an all-spelt free form loaf with the rough combination of 70% white spelt and 30% wholemeal spelt. Great flavour and when combined with an active starter you get some great fermentation to enjoy during bulk. But 3-4 hours at a good fermenting temperature (26-28 C) can be enough for an all-spelt loaf for the bulk so you've got to watch it a bit more closely than wheat.

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