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Hi guys, I have question about starter. I start to make my starter 5 days ago, first 2 days, the starter grew well that I could see the different between first days and thirds day when I feed it. But today is day 5, it would be more air bubble in the jar that I preserve it, but it is not. I cannot see air bubble like the thirds day when I feed it. It just a few of it. I wonder might be the cold weather this couple of days in Melbourne could affect the growing time of my starter. Another the reason I can think to is t the micro-organism might dead. I usually closed my jar very tight after I feed it. I think the air cannot come in so the micro-organism cannot get new air for its life ? I hope you guys could help me out. Thank you so much !!! 

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farinam 2017 April 17

Hello Ricky,

As  few days have passed since you posted, I hope you have persisted with your starter.  It is quite common for a starter to go through phases in the early stages of development and different yeasts and bacteria proliferate and then go into decline as the conditions in the culture change and they can thrive or die.  Eventually the conditions will stabilise and suit the very best yeasts and bacteria to give a good active and very stable starter that will be able to resist all sorts of slings and arrows and make very fine bread for you.

The change that you noticed is probably not due to the container being closed tightly though it is probably better to only cover or seal loosely, mainly so that any gases generated can escape and not build up pressure in the container.  It would be unlikely to get to a stage that the container could explode but it is better to be safe than sorry.  Some people have had starters so active that they have bubbled up and out of the container and made a bit of a mess on the bench but that is probably a small price to pay for a really good culture.

Good luck with your projects.


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