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Ive started making bread riecently, last one is the best from all 5 I made, its crusty outside but moisty inside. Also does not stay fresh for long ( unable to eat it next day ) 


im doing 

400g white organic spelt flour, 160g yst, 230g water, 8g salt

mixing and leaving for 30min, mixing again and leaving for 3hours, forming bread and leaving in fridge overnight. 

Morning bake 25min covered in 230deg than another 25min without cover in 200deg


anyone could suggest what causing moist in bread and why it doesnt last fresh longer


thank you, 



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SlackerJohn 2020 February 12

It looks like good bread, so you must be doing something right!

I don't know why it is moist, but that is generally seen as a good thing!

It doesn't stay fresh!  I wrap mine in a tea-towel and it remains edible (certainly as toast) for 4 days or so.  OR, slice it and freeze, defrost as needed?

Frode Johnsen 2020 March 26


I have the same "problem" wIth moist inside and crispy outside. Mine is almost sticky.

I use 1000 g wholewheat, 770 g water, 20 g salt and 150 gram starter. The starter is maybe a little slow. Baked for 25 m at 250 c in dutch oven, and 25 min at 230 c without lid. 

How moist is "normal"? 

SlackerJohn 2020 April 4


Are you really wedded to the idea of this loaf?

No?  OK, halve the amount of flour/water/salt.  Use half white flour and half wholemeal.  That should work.

Yes?  Gee up your starter, and use 250g.  Ferment and prove the dough for a long time, to get as much air into it as possible.  Throw away the pot - it traps too much of the steam that comes off the dough.  Bake in a tray with lowish sides, so the dough is fully  exposed to the heat.  Maybe start with 30mins at 220C then, if not baked, turn down to 180C and keep going until ready.

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