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My bread from my sour dough starter is no longer rising. This recipe was given to me several years ago. To feed the starter every 5 to 7 days I add 3 TBL Potato Buds, 2/3 cup sugar and 1 cup warm water. Do you think I could just add some yeast to get it working again?


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farinam 2016 December 20

Hello anonymous,

I guess the first question is, does the starter show any signs of activity between feeds.  For example does it 'rise', does it get filled with bubbles etc.  Have you tried feeding it more frequently, perhaps with smaller amounts given that those are fairly large quantities?

Fairly obviously it must have worked in the past.  Has anything changed in the way that you manage it?  Have you changed the way that you prepare and manage the dough for your loaf?

If your starter is not active any more, perhaps you could start a new one following the method given here in the Beginners Blogs just using flour and water.  It works a treat and makes great bread and cuts out the large amount of sugar that is going into yours.

I certainly wouldn't recommend going the path of adding yeast to yours 'just to get it going again'.

Good luck with your projects.


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